Top 10 Brain Foods – Power Up!

by Wendy Wells, NMD Eat Apples and enjoy the brain benefits. Quercitin is a plant chemical in apple skins that protect the nerve cells of the brain against free radical attack. When free radicals are high in the brain, cognitive decline is morelikely.Spice up your brain juice with Curry powder. Turmeric is common in curry powder. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent for the brain and the arteries. It also has been shown to inhibit Alzheimer’s disease according to the University of California in LA.Bring more energy to the brain with Brazil nuts. Selenium is found in Brazil nuts. [...]

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Best Anti-inflammatory Foods List

Inflamatory Food (IF) Rating: Higher = Better BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SPICES:Hot Chile Peppers: IF Rating 50155Garlic Powder: IF Rating 31176Cayenne Pepper: IF Rating 28152Ginger: IF Rating 27551Turmeric: IF Rating 22564Onion Powder: If Rating 11293Ginger Root: IF Rating 27551Curry: IF Rating 5901Fresh Garlic: If Rating 3570 BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FIN FISH AND SHELLFISH:Caviar, Black or Red: IF Rating 2593Anchovy, canned in oil: IF Rating 1024Atlantic Herring: If Rating 1007Atlantic Salmon: IF Rating 907 (of course you should only eat Wild Alaskan Salmon) BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY VEGETABLES:Parsley, raw IF Rating: 502Carrot, dehydrated IF Rating: 49Chives, raw IF Rating: 378Peppers, jalapeno, raw IF Rating: 379Grape [...]

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COVID-19 For The Well-Being of All

Be Active in Prevention Keep social distancing, minimize time in public places Avoid touching your face Wash hands for 20 seconds with soap and warm water Cover cough with elbow or tissue, wear a mask in public Use Neti Pot to rinse nasal passages Gargle with Listerine Shower when you come home from indoor public places Remember Most people are NOT symptomatic until day 5 of infection Symptoms begin for most with dry cough, fatigue, fever Testing is available and an order can be called in for you have symptoms General Health Stay hydrated, drink 1/2 your body weight [...]

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