Natural Medicine and Autoimmune – 5 Underlying Causes

Over 80 different diseases occur that involve the disruption of the normal functioning immune system. The cases worldwide are on the rise. It is time everyone focuses on eradicating the underlying causes and not just treatments that work only some of the time and for only some individuals.

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Best Anti-inflammatory Foods List

Inflamatory Food (IF) Rating: Higher = Better BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY SPICES:Hot Chile Peppers: IF Rating 50155Garlic Powder: IF Rating 31176Cayenne Pepper: IF Rating 28152Ginger: IF Rating 27551Turmeric: IF Rating 22564Onion Powder: If Rating 11293Ginger Root: IF Rating 27551Curry: IF Rating 5901Fresh Garlic: If Rating 3570 BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY FIN FISH AND SHELLFISH:Caviar, Black or Red: IF Rating 2593Anchovy, canned in oil: IF Rating 1024Atlantic Herring: If Rating 1007Atlantic Salmon: IF Rating 907 (of course you should only eat Wild Alaskan Salmon) BEST ANTI-INFLAMMATORY VEGETABLES:Parsley, raw IF Rating: 502Carrot, dehydrated IF Rating: 49Chives, raw IF Rating: 378Peppers, jalapeno, raw IF Rating: 379Grape [...]

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Food & You: The Body-Mind Connection

Food & You: The Body-Mind Connection   There's no doubt about it: what we eat, and how much we eat, has a direct impact on our physical health. But did you know that those same choices also influence mood, mental alertness, memory, and emotional well-being? Food can act as medicine, have a neutral effect, or it can be a poison to the body and mind.  When we have an imbalance, how do we know it is food?  The trick is to determine if the food you are eating is causing the issue or there is something else happening.  This is [...]

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