1. Buy only organic – Know the “Dirty dozen
  2. Buy hormone and antibiotic free meat and dairy
  3. Buy only fresh or frozen foods
  4. Eat wild fish low in mercury such as salmon, blue crab, flounder, haddock, pollack, trout
  5. Do not store or heat food in plastic containers, use glass
  6. Buy less food with plastic packaging
  7. Store food in glass jars
  8. Carry groceries in reusable bags


  1. Drink water out of glass containers rather than plastic
  2. Filter your own water rather than drink filtered water out of plastic jugs
  3. Get your water tested


  1. Use a home air filter. Kenmore at Sears is a nice inexpensive place to start
  2. Consider a personal air filter for the car or travel www.ecoclean-az.com
  3. Test for Radon – an important cause of lung cancer
  4. Use earth friendly simple detergent, cleaners and soap that have less chemicals
  5. Avoid synthetic chemicals
  6. Reframe what looks beautiful and avoid herbicides and pesticides
  7. Use natural pest control instead of insecticides www.pesticide.org
  8. Replace vinyl miniblinds, shower curtain, and place mats with fabric
  9. If building a home or remodeling use earth friendly non-toxic materials www.h3environmental.com;         www.thegreenguide.com
  10. Use non-toxic dry cleaner or air out dry cleaning before bringing it into the home
  11. NO new carpet, paints, pressboard furniture ect…..
  12. Remove your shoes when you enter the home


  1. Use natural organic non-bleached tampons without a plastic applicator
  2. Avoid the use of fragrances and remember un-scented is not fragrance free
  3. Use only non-toxic cosmetics, lotions, shampoos, deodorant and other products

With help from Marianne Marchese, ND

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