Discover a delicious juice recipe that can help balance your hormones and boost your overall health. Perfect for a refreshing and nutritious drink!

Explore the rejuvenating power of a delightful juice recipe designed to harmonize your hormones and enhance your well-being. This refreshing blend not only tantalizes the taste buds but also packs a nutritional punch, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a natural boost to their health regimen. Discover how simple ingredients can come together to create a beverage that not only refreshes but also supports hormonal balance, offering a delicious way to nourish your body and invigorate your day.

You can jump to the recipe or enjoy some background research regarding how foods help us properly detoxify excess hormones and get them out of our body safely and easily.  This is for men and women for both can benefit! 

The detoxification of the human body is super complex and beautiful!  As it turns out, foods we eat can help tremendously.  I am going to try and help you understand some of the detox processes and which foods you can use in your daily life to support your hormone balance and overall well being. At the end of the article will have the recipe!

First is Phase 1 Detox

The most important thing you can do for Phase 1 detox is consume organic whole foods and drinks.  This phase of detoxification is disrupted by glyphosate, which is a pervasive herbicide that disrupts our body’s ability to make all CYP Phase 1 detox enzymes and some of the Phase 2 detox enzymes as well. 

For the best outcome in estrogen detoxification and therefore balance, we want to increase CYP1A enzymes as they push the 2-hydroxy estrogen detox pathway and modulate CYP1B enzymes which increase the 4-hydroxy estrogen detox pathway.  (1)

Important Key Points about Phase 1 Detox

  1. Eat and drink 100% organic or close to it!
  2. To increase or induce CYP1A, one can consume cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, fresh daikon radish sprouts, raw cabbage, and green tea.  
  3. To modulate CYP1B, one can consume celery

Next is Phase 2 Detox

Phase 2 detox comes after phase 1, and makes the potent phase 1 metabolites into inert substances that can exit the body without causing harm.  There are many different categories within the Phase 2 detox pathway system and each has some foods that support it. 


Glutathione is an important component of the Phase 2 detox pathway as it protects the body from harmful free radicals produced in the process of detoxification. Sulforphane in broccoli sprouts augments glutathione levels in the body. (2)  Beetroot stimulates the GST glutathione enzymes. (3)


This hormone detox pathway can be supported by consuming cruciferous vegetables, citrus, rooibos tea, rosemary, soy, and ellagic acid from pomegranate and walnuts. (4)

Glucaric acid

This acid is found in oranges, apples, grapefruit, spinach, cucumber, celery, lettuce and cruciferous vegetables and is valuable in regards to estrogen detox.  As estrogen is broken down, and conjugated via glucuronidation, and finally lands in the stool, there are bacteria that secrete an enzyme that removes the conjugation and allows estrogen to be reabsorbed.  This is common when one allows oneself to be constipated, or not have at least one complete bowel movement every day.  (5)

Methyl transferases (COMT gene)

Part of estrogen detoxification happens via methyl transferases.  These need methylated B vitamins and magnesium to work. The best food for these is spinach.    COMT enzymes are slowed down by the adrenaline released in stressful times.  Therefore consumption of stimulants such as excessive caffeinated drinks will inhibit your estrogen detox.  It is best to avoid stimulants if you are trying to balance your hormones.  It is also best to avoid excessive alcohol. Excessive alcohol (more than 1 drink per day) can block this pathway also by burdening the ALDH pathway which will then slow down COMT. 

Amino acids

To get our amino acids that are vital for detox we must eat protein containing foods! For phase 2 detox we need five important amino acids, namely glutamine, glycine, taurine, ornithine and arginine.  Taurine and ornithine can be made by our bodies, the others have to be consumed in our daily diets.  Sources for arginine are in pine nuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds.  For glutamine you can get it from spinach, parsley and cabbage.  For glycine, you can eat meat, eggs, fish and pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. (1)

A special note just for men, consuming pomegranate seeds with a little bit of the white pulp has been shown to increase male sex hormones, such as testosterone, follicular stimulating hormone, and luteinizing hormone. (6)

Juice Recipe for Hormone Balance


Pick Your Favorite Ingredients:   (how much of each depends on your taste!)

  • Broccoli stalk (2)
  • Broccoli or Daikon radish sprouts (1/2cup)
  • Carrot (1 large)
  • Spinach (1 handful)
  • Parsley (1 handful)
  • Apple (1 small, cored)
  • Cucumber (1-2 medium)
  • Celery (3 stalks)
  • Beetroot (1 medium raw)
  • Cabbage (1 large leaf)
  • Pomegranate (½)
  • Lemon (1 whole, peeled)
  • Add ginger or jalapeno for a little kick

Dilute and add ice using

  • Green tea
  • Rooibos tea





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